Border Perspective equips leaders, advocates for biblical justice and mobilizes the church into action.

We created this experiential and visual ministry resource to share about how Border Perspective helps transform the immigration conversation and influences the church to make informed decisions on how to handle the complex political environment surrounding the border and the perception of immigrants living amongst us. We hope it is educational and valuable in helping set a larger context for the ongoing conversation about the border and immigration.


Devotionals, books, podcasts & video resources.



The resources below are an example of the content included in the Resource guide. 


The ministry of immigrants on the U.S.-Mexico Border

Hugo and Eunice Moya, run a house church on the Texas-Mexico border. Their story appears in Nations Journal Vol. 4. The Moya's currently live in Pharr, TX, where they have ministered to immigrant families for twenty-five years.


Yonathan Moya — Humanizing the Mexico/U.S. Border

Yonathan Moya is responsible for the creation of Border Perspective. A 9-day photographic journey along the U.S. & Mexico border. As he traveled the entire length of the U.S/Mexico border, he took part in different dialogues and sought to tell truthful stories of those he encountered and gained a fuller understanding of a place he calls home. 

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